Thursday, April 21, 2016

I am bummed, too. All of us of a certain age own Prince: I mean, Controversy, 1999, Little Red Corvette, Purple Rain--wine coolers (yeah, so, I was 15!) and baking our little pre-cancerous hides in Hawaiian Tropic by somebody's pool. I get it. But I have to side with my mom on this a bit. For, what has it been, the past 10-12 DAYS that 1000s of people have been demonstrating and 100s have been arrested for protesting at the nation's Capitol? That protest has gotten about a cumulative 3 minutes total air time on the nightly news--at least here locally. Tonight, newscasters spent 15 minutes--FIFTEEN MINUTES--on Prince, including a ridiculous timeline of his last movements. What with ads, there was just enough time to squeeze in a little love for that cretin asshat Trump at the end. So, and okay give the man his due--Prince was an amazing songwriter and made a lot of money and was popular when we were of a certain age. But I've got to know, what does it mean exactly when the death of a pop culture icon gets more attention than the last jerks of a dying democracy? Go ahead, roll your eyes. I'm feeling a little frustrated and dramatic I guess. I'm just finding it hard to put a finger on what, other than his popularity, makes Prince so freaking mournable. If that's a word. Was he a great man? I mean, was he really? What did he do that was really, really Great? I mean, other than write some fine songs. Maybe he was a splendid human being, but that is not what everyone's weeping purple tears about. I don't know why everyone's all devastated. I don't get it.