Monday, December 10, 2012

I try to get ahold of myself

Here is the kind of thing that I should probably keep quiet about because a) it makes me sound dim, and b) it reminds me of blurbs in old Reader's Digests--the kind of thing you read at 10 years of age while teetering on the edge of car sickness during a long ride in the back of a musty Plymouth Fury or Mercury Cougar on the way to a holiday weekend in the Ozarks or wherever.  Anyway.  I was recently staying with my friend S, who was at work.  I myself had worked all night the previous night.  I came in about 8 a.m. and slept until 1:30 p.m.  On waking, I find that I cannot locate my cell phone.  So, I call myself using S's land line.  I hear my phone buzz, search around, and eventually find it in my purse.  By the time I finally extract and open the phone (not in any way a "smart" phone), it has stopped ringing.  I see, however, that S has just called me.  I hit "reply." I think, S has called from work to propose that we meet for a late lunch!  Suddenly, the house phone in my other hand starts to ring.  S is calling me, and I am calling him!  I answer with boisterous good cheer, "Hey, I was just calling YOU!"  But, of course, it is only ME calling from the cell phone in my other hand--in reply to a call that I also made to myself. 

[Insert annoying sketch of befuddled looking, middle-aged bald man holding two cell phones.]

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