Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fun in the Shower and other Ironic Delights

Tuesday morning in the shower I was doing this thing I do. First I rub some bodywash all over my torso and arms, then I cross my arms and extend them straight out from my chest, so they form a squarish kind of circle. The idea is to create a large, round disk of soap inside the circle of my arms. I then blow downward on this sheet to form a giant bubble. Every so often a wobbly, misshapen bubble comes together for a split second before popping. I never try more than once. As soon as the sphere pops, which is always and immediately, I repress a twinge of disappointment, rinse off, and go about the desultory business of drying and dressing and acting like an adult. That’s where things were headed Tuesday. I blew down into the soapy sheet, the bubble blobbed into shape momentarily, and then it seemed to disappear in a blink. And, I guess I did blink, because when I put my arms down, there it was: an enormous, perfect, iridescent bubble hovering before me. Verily, a bubble as big as my flipping head. And it was there for an eternity of about 1.5 seconds. The rest of the day, whenever I thought of the bubble, which was often, it appeared to me such a gift that my heart would throb and my throat close. The only word to describe the feeling is delight, a pure shimmering delight.

When I told my parents about the bubble at dinner, my dad said, “hmm, maybe it was an angel,” with EXACTLY the kind of cynicism I would have felt if someone told me this story. And strangely, that ALSO filled me with delight.


Eric said...

What a wonderful little moment this describes. I wish I could have been there to see it (even if that would have necessitated me seeing your shiny, naked torso, which would surely have given me "a good scare").

This post reminds me of a couple lines on miracles that come from Bukowski poems, which I won't take the time to look up the titles of right now. But in one, he mentions that "life is full of happy miracles," and in another, he describes such shining moments as "when it all comes together and holds," which struck me as capturing the brief but gleaming life o' that belly mcbreast-born bubble.

Eric said...

Kindly insert "lucky" before "belly" in my comment, as the cussed blogger beast won't let me do.

Thank ye--and good night.

Jessica said...

I am going to try this.

lee woo said...

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